09/12/2019  John Gray has arranged with an excellent tour operator and arrangements are underway.   Claudia Royston is on the planning team this reunion! Claudia is the wife of one of our fellow Throckmorton descendants, and owns her own travel company that specializes in Culinary Tours worldwide. As Nyla Throckmorton has retired from her Travel Agency and past years of coordinating Throckmorton reunions, the team  is happy that Claudia has offered to help Nyla have a relaxing vacation next year.

They also have reached out to Magnus Throckmorton, Claire’s grandson, and he has graciously accepted to meet and greet us upon arrival.

The overall content of the tour, per John Gray, will be focused on 3 areas:

  1. Birth of Throckmorton DNA and Coughton Court 2. Throckmorton VA line of immigrants 3. Throckmorton New England line of immigrants.

08/29/2017  Welcome to my webpage, which wihas a good time bringing info to the attention of Throckmortons everywhere. Sources of Throckmorton
history, Throckmorton locations, famous ancestors,  portraits, current family accomplishments and politicians will be noted..  We have an interesting history  and many ancestral homes.  I started writing in 2000 with my first website and connected
with others.   It has been a joy.  Caroline Throckmorton Toepfer Lewin, Ph.D.  @throckmortonfam    

Please note that http://www.throckmortonfamily.blog is not responsible for accuracy at other
sites mentioned here.  ©2017

This is not the site of the Throckmorton Family Association.  To reach the Throckmorton Family Association go here.  They have a wonderful  information-filled gathering website for members and once you see it, you will want to join.  And  hardworking members are making reprints of the best genealogies available.   If you want a copy of Throckmorton genealogy books, you definitely will want to  go to the Ancestors page to get these before they run outThey make great Christmas gifts.

06/28/2019  Just had an “abusive” label put on one of my tweets.  I don’t promote any political party, nor make abusive statements.  Nevertheless it’s Twitter’s business not mine and I think I will just delete.

06/26/2019  Getting some answers about  Calvin Throckmorton

05/25/2019   Throckmorton Family England Reunion 2020 – June 5 – 15

Reunion news!  The Throckmortons will have a reunion in 2020.  Right now, they have about 30 – 35 people interested. There is room for a few more if you have  not expressed an interest to them as of yet. Tour will max out around 40 people to fill a bus.   johngray11384@gmail.com

The Association  will alert you when that would be needed.  Do not   email me  John Gray about trip arrangements.– He  does not  have further info about that.  For  other things not at the Association–contact johngray11384@gmail.com .

06/16/2019  Recently I noticed info about Calvin Throckmorton showing up in the news.  I don’t know him but I’m certainly interested in Throckmortons with accomplishments. Not a good reason to distract him with questions when he has a lot of important stuff going on.  I posed the question to Throckmortons on the Family Crossings mail list.

One responder asked me “Have you sent me two e-mails in the last couple of days regarding Calvin Throckmorton?  When an e-mail comes from an e-mail address that could be spoofed, I normally don’t answer.”

Most folks responded with enthusiasm.   “Hi there, I don’t know him, but this was really cool to see!  Will be cheering for them now!”

Since some appear to want me not to contact them, I’ll suggest posing your answers at Family Crossings.  Calvin appears to have a Twitter account.  I leave you to look it up.  Happy Father’s Day!

06/14/2-19   Calvin Throckmorton .  I”m coming across this name a lot.  Any info available? #CalvinThrockmorton https://fishduck.com/2019/05/calvin-throckmorton-the-epitome-of-a-student-athlete/ … via @fishduckdotcom



1/20192/31/2018  Did any Throckmortons spend time in the Tower?Find out here.


12/26/2018   Boxing Day.    Click here for video that explains it.


12/16/2018  Did you like Charlie and the Chocolate  Factory?  Roald Dahl’s family receive author’s war medals, 73 years after the conflict – Brother-in-law of Clare McLaren-Throckmorton.

11/29/2018  Visiting Washington DC over the holidays?  Have you noticed this Throckmorton relative? 


Oliver Hazard Perry Throck Morton
You may have seen him in the background of newscasts, and you can learn more at this page or here.

National Christmas tree was greeted by Daryl Throckmorton and his family at W. Virginia state line.  Throckmorton’s cousin, Greg Moore, is the “head federal officer” of Willamette National Forest in Oregon, where the Capitol tree came from this year, so he was in charge of picking out the tree. 

11/21/2018  Obit: Lila Rumbaugh is survived by her children, Spencer Stebbins Throckmorton III , Tony Throckmorton ,Alma Kay Ratcliff, Amy Elliott and William Fuller Throckmorton ; #ThrockmortonObituary

11/18/2018   I was not looking specifically for this.  Cousin Jean Helms emailed me that Florence Daugette  passed after the 2006 reunion trip.  I know Clarence (and sisters) attended and we used their copy of C. W. T.’s book to do the first reprint.  Both books were reprinted in 2005 and we used Col. Robert’s copy of the Sitherwood.  Had both books with us to show everyone on the 2006 trip.  Florence was descended from the Kentucky Throckmorton’s, their ancestor owned the Galt House in Louisville.  In one of the books there is a reference to Charles Dickens staying at the hotel and complaining of the frontier’s lack of civility, etc.  They are cousins of mine – just can’t tell you how many times removed – from the Virginia line.  Here’s the link on the hotel   “history:           https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galt_House

11/05/2018    Gunpowder Plot commemorated in UK.  George Washington called Guy Fawkes Day a grave insult to America’s Catholics. After the Revolution, America stopped celebrating it. Millions of British will celebrate it with “Bonfire Night.”  See more on plots page.:

10/18/2018  Check your local PBS TV schedule  to see when  episode “Father Brown :The Mask of the Demon”  #136  on.   And enjoy seeking #Coughton Court gardens.

9/14/2018  I’m running a day late–fortunately I saw the item from Coughton Court.#RoaldDahlDay

Roald Dahl Day 2018 was on September 13 ( I’m a day late!)Costume dress up ideas, favourite characters, books and quotes – The Sun

5/15/2018  I’m way behind but here’s an event new to me which I have tweeted:
The Fifth Annual Ted Throckmorton Crusade Golf Tournament is being held Sunday, May 20, 2018 at Elk Run Golf Club in Jeffersonville, IN.