(I am not a genealogist and cannot locate anyone.)

        Sitherwood, S. F. GThe Throckmorton family history….Bloomington, IL: Pantagraph Printing &         Stationery Co., 1929.

        Throckmorton, Charles Wickliffe. A genealogical and historical account of the Throckmorton family in England  and the United States. Richmond: Old Dominion Press, 1930.   
        Stillwell, John Edwin. Historical and geneaological miscellany (data relating to the early settlers of New York and New Jersey). Baltimore, MD: Clearfield Company, Inc., reprinted 1998.    (5 volumes). 

     Swiger, Loraine B. Family sketches of the Throckmortons of southern Ohio. Waverly, Ohio: James Printing Co.,  1975.   Best bet:  request through interlibrary loan or your state library.

       Post queries to message boards:

       Cemetery sites you can search online:
     Throckmorton Cemetery Texas

      Searchable databases:
        Warwickshire, England On-line Birth, Marriage, and Death Certificate Searching.
(copy and paste the following long  links in your browser or a long link like this will not work)               long&sort=score&words=throckmorton



        Obituary Daily Times Interactive search

        Find a will

   Websites with Throckmorton gen information:         
         Don’t overlook:
You can enter your ancestor’s  or distant relative’s name at Google.  Put the name in quotation marks.   Seems almost too simple but it works quite often because your ancestor may listed in someone else’s lineage at a gen site.

            For current generation surname search:

            Be careful what you wish for:
Discovering a remarkable amount of personal information on the site (Family Tree Now )—including age, home addresses (current and past) and names of family members and loved ones, maybe too much for identity safety.


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