Best published genealogies:

Sitherwood, S. F. G. The Throckmorton family history….Bloomington, IL: Pantagraph Printing &   Stationery Co., 1929.

Throckmorton, Charles Wickliffe. A genealogical and historical account of the Throckmorton family in England and the United States. Richmond: Old Dominion Press, 1930.

Stillwell, John Edwin. Historical and geneaological miscellany (data relating to the early settlers of New York and New Jersey). Baltimore, MD: Clearfield Company, Inc., reprinted 1998.    (5 volumes).

Swiger, Loraine B. Family sketches of the Throckmortons of southern OhioWaverly, Ohio: James Printing Co., 1975.   Best bet:  request through inter-library loan or your state library.

Of the above books, family members worked diligently to get those below  reprinted.  To answer your general questions about the publications, when the three books will be available, how to order a direct shipment, and cost, contact (if you reside west of the Mississippi River) or (if you reside east of the Mississippi River)  Don’t miss out!geneaologies

This comprehensive easy to read history lists individuals, their particular lines of descendancy and their immediate families. It describes the multi-generation Throckmorton family – from their medieval origins in early England and Europe, from 800 AD, to the family’s arrival in ‘the new world’ arriving in the early 1600’s. First hardbound reprint (2006).is beautifully bound and engraved hard cover with excellent clarity.

Charles Wickliffe Throckmorton
Includes a historic Royal Descent Chart depicting Throckmorton family lines, origins and connections from the reign of Charlemagne, Charles I, Son of Pepin, King of France. The CWT volume was reprinted in 2013 and indeed significantly complements the Sitherwood publication

A compendium of Edward Walter Throckmorton, 1869/1958Throckmorton Family 2013smaller

In booklet form, this extensive research study documents Edward’s ‘direct male’ ancestral line to medieval English Throckmortons, his marriage to Lura Delphine Woods also born in Iowa, and lists their seven children and all 279 American family members in a descendancy list from their marriage union of 67 years. Each entry has birth/death dates, events, interests, education, achievements and photographs. There are photographs of Edward’s immediate forefathers and their families, and  helpful references of their postings in the Throckmorton Family History by Sitherwood. There is a description of the Throckmorton Coat-of Arms as well as photographs and mention of two historic figures of the family, Sir Nicholas Throckmorton and Sir Walter Raleigh, the husband of Elizabeth Throckmorton lady in waiting to the Queen of England. Contact

John Throckmorton of Rhode Islandread more here.  Related to Alexander Hamilton?
Read more about him.

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Discovering a remarkable amount of personal information on the site (Family Tree Now )—including age, home addresses  (current and past) and names of family members and loved ones, maybe too much for safety.

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