Coughton Court     In recent years this home and it’s family history has been lovingly cared for by Mrs. Clare McClaren-Throckmorton, who died 10/31/17.  Click the link for more information.


The beautiful and historic Gardens at Coughton Court are featuring daffodils in recognition of American physician and horticulturist, Dr. Tom Dercum Throckmorton (Des Moines, Iowa).   The late Dr. Tom is noted for his extensive research and classification work in the study of daffodils.  He is the creator of a daffodil color coding system now referred to as the Tom D. Throckmorton Daffodil Data Bank, which is updated annually and published by the American Daffodil Society.  They award the Tom D. Throckmorton Medal  for excellence in daffodil showing. The new garden is in his name.

In recent years, the Gardens at Coughton Court have achieved national prominence in the Midlands and throughout the United Kingdom because of the foresight and creative planning and work by Clare Throckmorton and her daughter Christina.  The Gardens were originally believed to have been the creation of Sir John Throckmorton in 1792, following his visits to France and Italy, but only in recent years have the gardens achieved the status they enjoy today.

The project to expand and further develop the daffodil section of the Gardens, which already has a large number of native daffodil bulbs, is to feature some of the more than 10,000 varieties that Dr. Tom classified through his system of color-coding.  These varieties are available only in America.  The Royal Horticultural Society of Great Britain, and the American Daffodil Society have accepted his research as the single recognized international classification system for daffodils.  The garden has been awarded the  prestigious  Silver Gilt Medal from The Daffodil Society.

See more of the gardens here.  And  to lovely pictures of gardens taken by Nerine and Amaryllid Society. Scroll down their page for Coughton Court trip photo section, appears to be 2009.   DAh2s6NXcAMNAy4cooughtoncoourt


LADBROKE – Several families owned properties at this site, including the Throckmortons. More information is found in Hervey, Sydenham H. A. Ladbroke and its owners. 1914. (see book list).

WESTON UNDERWOOD HOUSE – Childhood home of Sir Francis Throckmorton, b.1640, 2d baronet. Demolished 1826.

HARVINGTON HALL – accrued to the Throckmortons via the marriage of Robert, the 3d baronet, to Mary, daughter of Sir Charles Yate. Sold 1923. Those at the reunion got to see the beautiful double stairways which were removed from Harvington Hall to Coughton Court. See photo album for shots of stairs in main saloon.  See Harvington Hall on this commemorative plate:

BUCKLAND – also accrued by the marriage of Robert to Mary Yate, around 1690. Sold 1910.  History and  photo of Buckland.

For recent BBC article:  

HASELEY MANOR – Mary Tudor gave this estate to Michael Throckmorton of Coughton who sold it to his nephew Clement Throckmorton. For more :

MOOR HALL – also mentioned at Coughton Court website. Owned more than once by the Throckmortons.

THE MANOR HOUSE in Redditch – originally owned by Throckmorton family.

THE MANOR OF TORTWORTH  Click here for some sparse information on this one.  

THROCKMORTON COURT -Some of the reunion travelers did get to see this at a distance. It is no longer in Throckmorton hands, since 1972, per oral information from our tour escort. It is near Throckmorton Chapel, in Throckmorton, England. Possibly the first manor house (but rebuilt), we know little about it today, except the tenant who approached us at the gate (Alveston Manor bus group) stated “I’m not authorized by the owner to allow you entry.” (One of our group had politely asked if he might go a little up the drive for a better picture of the house.) However the following site may be related:

Through the kindness of Peter Nash who has visited there for a conference, you can see what the interior looks like currently.  Mr. Nash, who is not a Throckmorton, has generously made his images available to us.          Click here to see images.