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The Gunpowder Plot

The party’s over.   Gunpowder Plot bonfires, that is.  If you missed  the news about this year’s events, or never have heard about this plot, you can find out about how Throckmortons and Coughton Court fit into the scheme of things  by visiting Twitter to see #gunpowderplotted   and @NTCoughton.  Check out  Remember, Remember the 6th of November  by Tony Morgan (Author),  a fictional  treatment of these events  and  Faith and Treason  by Antonia Fraser.

The Throckmortons were Catholic recusants ,  those who refused to attend Anglican services during the history of England and Wales;

It is 1604 and for years Catholics and Protestants could not seem to resolve their differences.  The Gunpowder Plot arose out of their contentiousness.  In May 1604, 5 men met in a pub on the Strand. Ringleader Robert Catesby with Tom Wintour, John Wright, T. Percy & Fawkes.  It is sometimes referred to as Guy Fawkes Day (not a Throckmorton) and is celebrated (for capturing “the guy”  with bonfires for the conspirators.   The Throckmortons hid priests and were not all the leaders but see Tresham and Catesby for more info.  Francis Tresham was the eldest son of Thomas Tresham and Merial Throckmorton  and was a member of the group of English provincial Catholics who planned the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605, a conspiracy to assassinate King James I of England. Make your own mask:

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