Sir Nicholas Throckmorton (1515-1571)
One oil, one watercolor usually at the (British) National Portrait Gallery but currently lent out elsewhere. See pictures at:  http://www.npg.org.uk

Mary Throckmorton, Lady Scudamore
One oil. See picture at same site as above but enter Scudamore at search prompt.

Robert Throckmorton, retired firefighter.
This painting is in the Central Ohio Fire Museum.
Throckmorton painting Central Ohio Fire Museum
If you would like to see this painting in person, visit the Central Ohio Fire Museum in Columbus, Ohio.  I took my grandson to see the museum’s collection of antique trucks and memorabilia May 28, 2008 and noticed the painting.   From what a volunteer could tell me, this photo commemorates the two founders of the museum and the Robert Throckmorton (retired) depicted above has a son also a firefighter.  The artist is Rick Coey, a Columbus firefighter.  Here is a photo of the painting by Gary Royer, who kindly gave permission for use here.

Elizabeth Throckmorton, wife of Sir Walter Raleigh

This is alleged at one time to have been hanging   in the House of Burgesses in Williamsburg. Virginia cousin Pamela Throckmorton reports:  “Painting of Lady Elizabeth Throckmorton, which hung in the Capital from the time I was a child, no longer is believed to be she. I located it in storage three years ago while searching for the painting. Painting believed to be Lady Elizabeth is in Ireland (Lisemore?)and bears no resemblance to the painting in Williamsburg so long believed to be the wife of Sir Walter Raleigh.”

Elizabeth Throckmorton, Abbess


Oil by Nicholas de Largilliere (1729), of nun who became Mother Superior of  an Augustinian order in Paris. Thanks go to Mary Pat Madden (mother of my
daughter-in-law) of Indianapolis for bringing this to my attention. See picture
and provenance at the National Gallery of Art (USA).

This portrait was selected for the cover of  The Journal of the American Medical
Feb. 2000.  (JAMA Vol. 283 No. 5,  February 2, 2000,  commentary
by M. Therese Southgate, MD).

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Mrs. Clare McClran-Throckmorton     who recently passed away.                                                                                                                                                   ©